Our events offer a free-form experience, each centered around a unique theme and taking place in a carefully selected location or facility. During the kickoff, there will be a 20-30 minute briefing on safety and expectations, where you’ll have the opportunity to meet the team and some of the talented individuals participating in the day’s activities. Throughout the event, there will be a designated base camp with provisions for food, drinks, rest, and access to electricity. We provide complimentary meals and beverages that are available throughout the duration of the event; any specific dietary needs can be accommodated with prior notice.

An array of vignettes, fitting the theme, will be scattered throughout the event site. During the day, three to four active sets will feature distinct scenes with actors in costumes and props. You are welcome to wander at your leisure and capture shots on any of the sets. Each set will remain open for at least two hours to ensure all attendees have enough time to visit them. Additionally, advanced notice will be given for special, elaborate scenes that may occur during the event. A comprehensive schedule of activities can be found at the base camp.

While you recharge your body and charge your batteries, you are welcome to come and relax at the base camp and review your footage. When you are ready, head back out to explore the worlds we have created.

Pre-Event Online Call
Two weeks prior to your tour, there will be an open evening video call with Victor Ciccarelli, the tours assigned Photo Coach, one or two of the selected models and all participants. On this call we will cover all details about the day, talk about what you can expect, and we will answer all your questions about equipment, facilities, and support needs. 

What You Will Need at the Tour
Abex  Photo Retreats are all inclusive events. All you need is your own personal and photographic equipment. Most of our tours are in outdoor or remote locations, so appropriate clothing and footwear are required. Open-toe shoes and sandals are not allowed at some locations. Many of our tours feature overnight camping. For those events proper equipment is required.

You are responsible for choosing your own equipment and lighting. If you have questions, feel free to contact the designated tour coach. No photography or lighting equipment is provided or available unless specifically stated in the tour information. When portable lighting, stands, and reflectors do not require external power and do not interfere with other participants’ enjoyment, they may be used.

Rules and Things to know
Transportation, Hotels, After Hour Meals and Lodging
On one day tours no transportation or lodging is providing. While general locations are listed for all events. Exact locations are given only to paid participants to help preserve the privacy of the event. On Multi-day events, transportation to and from the airport, hotel and the location can be provided. Hotels and accommodation can be provided and will be explained in the event information.

Copyright and Ownership of Images taken at an Abex  Photo Retreat
The participation agreement you will sign at the event lays out the specific rights you have to the images you take during your participation at the event, and we recommend that if you have questions, request and read it in advance. In short there is no commercial release given for images of models, sets, props or costumes. You may use them in your personal portfolios, online or other. You are encouraged to display them in personal collections of your work and art. You may not sell, publish for profit, use for professional marketing or advertising, or any use that is disparaging to the model, location, or artist. No release or waiver is given for the use of any photo of staff, management or other participants for personal, portfolio, or professional use or display. 

Notice of Photography
With all of the photographers and cameras at our events you must assume that at some point you will have your photo taken. There is no implied or attempted expectation of privacy at a Abex  Photo Retreat Event.

Tipping of Staff and Models
Tipping of staff and models is encouraged but not required. All models, artists, and staff on our tours work tirelessly for your enjoyment. Please remember behind every model is the work of the makeup artist, costumer, and stylist. A tip jar for each will be presented at the end of the shoot. Please feel free to contribute or not based on your personal feelings. We do ask that you do not directly tip during the event.

Contacting Models Directly, Before or After a Shoot.
Many of our models are independent contractors and working professional models. Many are actors and reenactors who help us bring our creations to life. We ask that you please respect the professional atmosphere of our events and if you would like to contact one, or more of the crew simply leave a written note with the staff, or follow up after, with an email, and your message will be delivered to the cast or crew member. It is their decision to respond to your inquiry.

Unacceptable Behavior
We strive to make all of our events as enjoyable and productive for all of our guests as possible. As such we have established the following guidelines. Failure to follow to these rules could result in your removal, without refund, from the event.  There will be NO:

Unwanted physical contract with any model or staff member. 
Request for nudity or sexually suggestive poses or positions.
Possession of any Alcohol, Drug, or banned substance.
Possession of weapons or any dangerous devices.
Wandering out of authorized tour areas, entering restricted zones, or staff working areas.
Damaging any device, costume, prop, set, or location item including foliage.
Rude or unwanted behavior with, or towards, staff or guests. 

Payments and Fee
At the time of booking a $100 deposit is required. 60 days before the event you will receive a bill for the full amount of the tour. The full bill must be paid 30 days before the event. If the remaining payment is not made by the 30th day before the event your participation is no longer guaranteed and your space may be given to another photographer.

Guest, Visitors and Assistants
For the comfort and safety of all staff and participants no guests or assistants are allowed to attend the event. All Abex Photo Retreats are held on private, professional, venues. Only fully ticketed and authorized personnel may be on the property at the time of the event. At most events a non-photographer / assistant fee is available. Please contact Abex Photo Retreats for more information.

Pets and Service Animals
Our tours are held in environments that are not conducive to the health and safety of animals. No pets are allowed on the premises or in the parking lot.  Exceptions can be made for certain service animals however the practice is extremely discouraged for the safety and comfort of the animal.

Weather and Environmental conditions
Bad weather makes for great photos. Clouds, light rain, cold temperatures or other minor inconveniences are not reason for automatic cancellation. However, if at any point our staff feels the weather has become a concern for staff or participant safety, events may be cancelled or rescheduled.

Event Cancellations
As a live and outdoor event Abex Photo Retreats are subject to weather and environmental conditions as well as business considerations and acts of God outside of our control. In such events participants will be given an opportunity to transfer their payment to another event or receive a refund of all monies paid to Abex  Photo Retreats. In no condition will Abex  Photo Retreats be responsible for any travel, lodging, or incidental costs beyond the fee paid to Abex  Photo Retreats. 

Refunds and Exchanges
We understand that sometimes things go wrong, and plans need to be changed. If you request a cancellation more than 30 days before an event you will be given a full refund of all fees paid. Requested cancellation with less then 30 but more then 7 days will be given a refund of all fees paid less a $200 cancellation fee. No Cancellations or Exchanges can be made within 7 days of the event.

About Us
Abex Photo Retreats are the brainchild of Victor Ciccarelli, a creative photographer and designer with over 35 years of professional experience. Supported by an incredible staff of artists, creatives, reenactors and support crew. Abex Photo Retreat’s staff prides ourselves on the creation of unique and creative environments designed with the photographer in mind.